Project Team and Funding

InnateDB is a collaboration between the Brinkman Bioinformatics group at Simon Fraser University, the Hancock Laboratory at the University of British Columbia and the Lynn EMBL Australia Group at the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute and Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia.

We would like to acknowledge the kind of assistance of E-research SA ( and SAHMRI IT in helping to host the InnateDB project here in South Australia. We also acknowledge the use of computing resources from the NeCTAR Research Cloud ( NeCTAR is an Australian Government project conducted as part of the Super Science initiative and financed by the Education Investment Fund. DL's involvement in this project is supported by EMBL Australia.

Team Leader Dr. David Lynn.
Website Development Silvia Frias, Geoff Winsor, Karin Breuer, Calvin Chan, Amir Foroushani, Nicolas Richard.
Database Development Silvia Frias, Geoff Winsor, Karin Breuer, Matthew Laird, Dr. Fiona Roche, Tim Chan, Nicolas Richard.
Submission System and Curator Tool Calvin Chan, Naisha Shah.
Curation Team Raymond Lo, Anastasia Sribnaia, Carol Chen, Misbah Naseer, Melissa Yau, Jaimmie Que, Kathleen Wee.
Cerebral Aaron Barsky, Dr. Jennifer Gardy, Dr. Tamara Muzner.
Orthology Predictions Matthew Whiteside.
Gene Order & Synteny Dr. Dan Tulpan, Mark Sun.
Systems Administration Matthew Laird.