InnateDB Capabilities

View statistics for manually-curated innate immunity relevant molecular interactions. New manually curated interactions are submitted weekly.

Search for genes and proteins of interest.

Search for experimentally-verified molecular interactions by gene/protein name, interaction type, cell type, etc.

Search genes/interactions belonging to pathways.

Visualize interactions using an intuitive subcellular localization-based layout in Cerebral.

Upload your own list of genes along with associated gene expression data (from up to 10 experimental conditions) to interactively analyze this data in a molecular interaction network context.

Once you have uploaded your data, you will be able to interactively visualize interaction networks with expression data overlaid; carry out Pathway, Gene Ontology and Transcription Factor Binding Site over-representation analyses; construct orthologous interaction networks in other species; and much more. See the tutorial on how to do these analyses.

Access curated interaction data via a dedicated PSICQUIC webservice.